The kind of passenger tyre required depends on the climate that the vehicle operates in. For warmer and more temperate regions like Dubai, an all season tyre is suitable all year round. All season tyres are actually best suited for use under summer conditions and for mild winters in areas that do not experience snow. They can also be used for small stretches of lighter mud.

For countries that have snow in winter, special winter tyres are available, some of which are studded. Tyre chains are also fitted in some areas.


SUVs are typically fitted with all-terrain tyres. All-terrain tyres have stiffer sidewalls than all season tyres. This gives them greater puncture resistance when driving off-road. Their tread patterns is also spaced wider than all season tyres, which removes mud from the tread. Despite their name, many all-terrain tyres, and especially the ones that are originally sold with the vehicle, are actually designed to be used mostly on the road. Many SUVs feature a spare tyre that is of the same thickness and quality as the other four tyres, and mounted on the back of the vehicle for easy access.


High flotation tyres are generally used for off-road driving in a passenger vehicle. Flotation tyres are designed for slower speeds and full-time off-road use. They differ from mud and snow tyres, which are designed for tarred roads covered in mud or snow. Flotation tyres have large “footprints” and low inflation pressures, which spreads out the area in contact with the ground. This enables them to handle areas with compacted soil, and also swampy areas. Adjustments need to be made to 4×4 tyres for paved and unpaved roads. Knobby 4×4 tires are best at handling soil with loose particles, as they enable the tyres to grip the surface and the vehicle to get traction.


Heavy duty tyres are also referred to as truck tyres or bus tyres. They are used for commercial applications, for example on freight trucks, passenger buses and dump trucks. They are specialised according to the position they take on the commercial vehicle, for example steering tyres and drive axle tyres. Heavy loads require multiple tyres to be fitted to trucks

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