No matter how big, pretty or suave your car is. Tire is one of the important components one should look at. If you think about it a car is nothing without a tire and tires are the only thing that carry the burden of the car with such simple ease. Hence, it is essential to take good care and precautions of the component of car which literally has to pull to through!! So, it’s better to get in touch with a trusted Online tyre dealer in Dubai or any tyre shop while you’re making a purchase decision. Still, we jotted down some points here to look at the considerations while choosing right set of tires for your car:

Choose the right Set of Tyres for your Car


Use of tire

Before picking up a tire for yourself you should keep in mind. What purpose does the tire serve? And on the basis of the use of tire you can choose one for yourself. Tires basically come in three kinds. Though it may seem that who is so crazy as to change tires for every season. But if you look into it. They have some very great benefits. So let us have a look at all three of them

Summer Tires

Ever been to the Middle East like Dubai, Sharjah and bore the brunt of the afternoon sun? Well your tires suffer the same plight. Since the weather in UAE or as we can rightly say, hot temperature withers the tyres sooner than moderate and cold temperatures. We can use summer tires for such weather conditions.

Winter Tires

Alaskan mornings, snow covered roads and snow clad vehicles. Well, you have winter tires especially made to wade through such topographies. A lot of slots in the tires and you are good to go!!!

All Season Tyres

Well if you don’t live in the extremes of the world. If a heavy snow fall or the harshest of sun is not something you wake up to and your chores involve good road rides and some here and there. Why would you want to change tires all season? Go for an all season tire and you can zoooooom!!!!



Even Cinderella needed the right shoe! Why wouldn’t your car?? Unlike humans who can keep it tight or baggy. Cars need to be fitted with the right kind of tires. Car tires have a small lexicon (standard format), about their size which we are just going to tell you about.

P69/22M19 27T

If you read something like this in the label decipher it’s meaning in the following way.

P refers to the type of tire.

P9/22M192 refers to the measurer like diameter, width.

27 refers to the load rating which means the maximum load each tyre can keep up.

T refers to the tires maximum speed in relation to the load index.

P93ZOver 149
R106(W)Over 168
T118(Y)Over 186

Easy, isn’t it? Just ask your dealer to fit in the tire as per the measurements and all is then well!!!


Know the technology

Before you get into the algebra of tyre size and width etc. You should keep in mind that the tire should be made with latest technology that offers more rigidity and strength to the tire. That the rubber is of Premium quality and the car is good to go for some time even with a flat.


Buy from a trustworthy source:

Ever been allured to a heavy loss by a perfect stranger? Well if you have had that blow, don’t let your car have it. Choose from the most reliable source around you and go for good set of tires. Several local goods are flooding the market offering low price but no warranty. Don’t let that lure you. It is advisable to use same brand for your complete set of tires.

For your convenience some good tire brands are:

Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Yokohama are some of the best tyre brands in Dubai.