Caring for Your Vehicle’s Tyres

July 7, 2017
Posted by: populartyres

Tyres are important for a smooth and safe drive. Conducting simple regular checks, you will not just save time and money, but more importantly, stay safe on the road.

Your tyres are the only link between your vehicle and the surface that you are driving on. Therefore, it is vital that they are maintained so that they can protect you and your family. Reasons for tyres getting worn and damaged include:

  • Age and use
  • Emergency braking
  • Incorrect tyre pressure and wheels out of alignment
  • Poor road surfacing

We recommend that you check your tyres every two weeks, to ensure that you stay safe on the road. Here are some things to look out for:

Tyre Pressure

Vehicles with over inflated tyres can handle badly on the road, as they tyres can’t grip the road properly. Under inflated tyres can overheat. Consult your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines to find the correct pressure for your tyres, and be sure to check your tyre pressure regularly. You will find them in your vehicle’s handbook, and they are often printed inside the driver’s door or the fuel flap too.

Tread Depth

Your car’s breaking distance increases as the tread wears down, because the tread enables your tyres to grip the road and stop effectively. In order to ensure that your vehicle can achieve a safe braking distance, replace your tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm.