Take automobiles out of Dubai and you take its soul!!

Ever been to a busy street in Dubai and came back without a total loss of breath? Well that can’t happen! And as busy Dubai automobiles are in their business so are their tires. Brand of tires are particularly important in Gulf. Tyre dealers in Dubai play a key role, since the extreme hot weather makes the tire wither particularly faster than it does in rest of the world and hence it is important to choose the right quality of tire. So let us know about the noteworthy tyre brands to give you a smooth experience of the rich roads of Dubai.

Best Tyre Brands in Dubai


Michelin is undoubtedly one of the best tire brand in Dubai. It covers wide range of services from bus and trucks to earthmover and industrial tires,. A trusted brand all over the world. Michelin is undoubtedly the best in Dubai. Michelin tires are durable and suit well to the extreme weather conditions in the region.


A premium tire brand in Dubai, fostering the opulent cars with resistance to friction. Bridgestone is undoubtedly the best option for all high end cars Dubai. A stiff competition to Michelin and the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer. Bridgestone is not only durable but also one of the best when it comes to wheel balancing, damage resistance, tire rotation. We assure you that with Bridgestone you are safe.


Not in the level of Bridgestone or Michelin but definitely in the level of our consideration.  Goodyear as the name suggests definitely makes your year good without damaged and frayed tire situations. Goodyear is a trusted brand among buyers and manufacturers in Dubai.


We are all aware of the century old Dunlop legacy and we can all rely on the services they have offered.

Dunlop is a common name in the dealer’s lexicon when it comes to tires. With outlets all over Dubai, Dunlop has spread itself into every nook and corner of this humongous city with a badge of credibility.


As pizza is to Italy, Ferrari’s are to Dubai. WE know how common it is to see the most expensive cars nonchalantly prance in the streets of Dubai. And with such high-end brands comes a heavy responsibility of damage control. Pirelli’s P zero takes the responsibility for tires in all high end brands and carries it diligently.


Cooper compliments SUV and this is a fact. If you have an SUV and looking for a change in your tire , Cooper is the brand you should look for.

Other good brands include Yokohama, Hankook, Continental , Kenda , Marshal , Firestone, BFGoodrich, Maxxis, Otani.

There are also some budget brands like Roadstone and various Indian, Chinese brands in Dubai markets which you can look for. But what so ever your choice be, you should be aware of the who’s who of tires before selecting one because one flat tire may stop you from reaching your destination.