ATV Tyres buying guide

November 25, 2017
Posted by: populartyres

As UAE’s temperatures drop, it’s time to get our ATV’s out but before that we need to make sure your tyres are good to go. Preparing your ATV with another set of tires is the best single alteration you can make to improve your performance! Be that as it may, picking another set of ATV tires for your machine can be an intimidating procedure, particularly on the off chance that you are new to ATV riding. There are such huge numbers of various brands, ply ratings, construction types, and tread designs. The procedure can appear to be overpowering!

The most important question is “What type of terrain are you riding?”.  Choosing the ATV tires which best matches this terrain will yield the best performance. As such there are mainly 4 types of ATV tyres.

1. Mud Tyres

These tyres are designed to offer better traction when used with muddy terrain, which includes wet, mucky, and slushy surfaces. They have a wide tread pattern to disperse mud and dirt. So wide spacing with deep treads are perfect for soft terrain.

2. Sand Tyres

These tyres are also referred to as paddle tyres because the treads that back sand tyres come with resemble paddles; front tyres come with tread that is raised along the centre. The scooping motion created by the paddles allows the tires to grip effectively and propels the quad forward. They offer a wide footprint to ensure that you get ideal traction, whether you’re climbing dunes or carving up the deep, soft sand.

3. All Terrain tyres or Multi-Purpose Tyres

All terrain tyres are usually what comes along with the ATV. If you feel you are not sure whether you will be ride on the road, sand or mud then these are the best tyres for you.

These tyres have tighter tread pattern with deep angled grooves that will help you conquer pretty much every terrain there is.

4. Racing Tyres

If you are a racing champ then these tyres are for you. These tyres give the perfect combination of grip and steering response that is required when you’re up against your opponent. These tyres are designed only for hard-packed surfaces


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